Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit | What are inverse ETFs

What's up guys? Flash here, with tradingwithflash.com. In this video I'm going to briefly cover some tips when trade an inverse ETF so stay tuned.

With a lot of ETFs when you're trading them they mostly some of them have inverse ETFs. Which means it's in the opposite direction of a trade off the ETF you're trading. So for example UGAZ and DGAZ trade off natural gas and the supply and demand.

So when UGAZ for example goes up DGAZ comes down and then when DGAZ goes up Ugaz comes down that overall is a really quick example what an inverse ETF is. Gold also have them in terms of Dust and Nugget. Oil have them in terms of drip and gush they trade completely opposites. So if you are trading inverse ETFs. Bear in mind what the opposite ETF is doing. And bear in mind a commodity behind it that's pushing it.

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