Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit : The 4 Golden Rules of Trading

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In this video I'm going to cover the basics of the introduction in the learn plan profit course. So stay tuned. Some of the basics in the learn plan profit category will cover simple support and resistant lines. What is a penny stock. What our pump and dumps. It will explain to you what a PDT rule is. It will try to distinguish what type of trader you are.

Consistency, managing your risk, cutting your losses and distinguishing a potential profit and loss ratio strategy to continue forward with. It kind of sets you on the path as a beginner or if you're a kind of mid cap to advance trader these are some other basics that you might need to go over again to refresh in your mind. They do help.

One of my favorite videos in the basic section of the learn plan profit is the four golden rules. If you're familiar with Ricky you will kind of know what these are but I'm going to give you a little insight on what the four basic rules are. Never base your trade on anyone else's opinion. Set a plan of structure before entering and exiting a trade. Manage your risk and always have a reason why. So guys if you are interested in taking the learn plan profit course there is a link in the description below. And there's also twenty five dollars off discount code. So help me help you. Also don't forget to click like and subscribe. Thank you.

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