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Hi guys.   In this video I want to review Ricky Gutierrez, in the learn plan profit course he offers. This is my hundred percent honest opinion, and if you want to know how to invest in the stock market, whether it be as a student or if you want to become a full-time trader like myself, this is step by step, this is a review, these videos for you, here we go.

I've done the course, so I'm here to give you my honest opinion on what I think the course is like, the pros and the cons. I'm here to break down the price and the value in the course.  I wish I had someone to review the course and review any kind of stock courses, before I bought them. There's not really much reviews on them's.

The first thing I want to say about the learn plan profit group, is if you're looking to save time, it's a hundred percent. It's a hundred percent must. I personally don't want to be spending hours gone through YouTube videos. You watch an hour's video and at the end of the video, there's the answer you're looking for.  In the Learn Plan Profit course it's kind of straight to the point. In the videos there's no messing around, it is time saving and if you're looking to save time, I would recommend the course.

In the course it is it is time sensitive so what I say that is if you have a ten minute video just ten minutes of answers in that section in that video you don't have to spend hours going through countless videos for the answer it is straight to the point it is basic it is straightforward so that is one of the problems that I really like about the course secondly it's step by step so what I mean by that is he stacks you from the basic in the learning plan profit course ricky also has a tech word solution group on Facebook and he else is a discord app in this group you get to talk kind of to other people network they also share their ideas if you're not even doing the course I would recommend you also joining the Facebook page and this corner the links will be in the description below it is step by step so when I say step by step it's that's when the basics head to login see how to set up your discord and then from there really kind of baby steps which is good if you're starting off he also helps you set up scanners which is hugely helpful starting out in your own you kind of get stocks that suit you and he does break that down for you step by step in the learn and profit course also it is an eye-opener to a lot of the basics that are crucial if you're missing them the trade and won't go so well so that is a pro in my eyes it is a really good price personally there's a lot of competitors out there that are massively massively overcharging and you're looking at two and a half maybe three thousand dollars for some of the courses I'm personally I think that is way overpriced with the learn prime profit course it is $299 so in my honest opinion I feel the course is slightly undervalued I feel it's definitely could be worked a hundred more dollars anything over that I would say you're asking a little bit much it's valued at 299 I would say it's probably worth 399 that's just my opinion anything over that I would say not so much so after price 299 I feel it is really good value there's a lot of other things on YouTube a lot of our courses that are just too expensive and you learn same material in the course one of the cons I feel in the course with everything there's pros and cons again this is my hundred percent honest opinion I feel if you're looking to momentum trade maybe it's not the course for you and it doesn't really go through any momentum tips anything like that it's more so the higher end stocks not really penny stocks he doesn't deal in so it's more kind of above five dollars up to 50 to 100 dollar stocks it's kind of also more swing trading stocks intraday also but not momentum so if it is momentum you're looking for I would suggest maybe this is in the course for you in saying that I had the idea of starting with momentum stocks I did it's very difficult not saying it's not it's not possible everything's possible but starting off there very volatile very dangerous and they will block your count very quickly so in if you are a beginner you should start and personally in my opinion with the advice of the learned prime profit follow the videos to course start paper trading when you're comfortable go in live trading again stay away from the highly volatile stocks until you get a feel for it after you feel comfortable and you feel confident by testing out the volatile stocks well then I would encourage that but initially at the start I would stay away so again if it is momentum trading you want to do and you're looking for your learning plan profit it's not really in it for that purpose because it is again a little bit more advanced and I would recommend learning how to trade maybe swing trading order kind of higher-end commodity stocks first before momentum trading that's just my opinion and I think is absolutely crucial I urge you to call and try to get a one two roll call with any person on YouTube that offers stock advice you will not get it if you do get it you're gonna pay a massively fertile one to one calls if you do even get true to three other people who offer hell on YouTube in terms of stocks I have emailed one initially when I go stand there I've emailed tons of them I mean if you do hear back from them it is an automated email sent trying to sell stuff initially with Ricky what I found was he does help you on a personal level which is fantastic in the learned plan profit is the best value also what he offers which is a massive Pro he is he gives you four one to one calls to kind of go through some of your personal questions that you have he also does it to kind of keep you on track just to follow up to see how you're doing and to kind of give you your goal so you do have the one to one calls which is is massively helpful and I think that's a super bonus I don't think you get it off anyone else on YouTube who does these kind of stock videos or sales courses if they do they will charge you massively for it and so that is a huge bonus to me is the one-to-one calls it helps me massively it kind of follow up with your profits every week with them and kind of you kind of always come across questions that he'll answer for you he'll always answer on disk or an app or the Facebook but you kind of you have on one to one so you may as well use that time insane that's the only thing I can personally say at the calls is there a little bit shorter but 7 to 10 minutes per call and which isn't that bad it would probably be nice to get a little bit longer but it's still ok it did help me massively it started caught me potential profits and then up five seven maybe 10% which is massive inking towards gains weekly daily whatever your goal is it personally it did help me achieve that I'm really here to help people that I wish were there to help me when I started I don't really care if you like it I don't really care if you subscribe to some of them here for so I will be going through some kind of crucial mistakes I will be going through some ideas and tips in the future I also will be reviewing many other youtubers courses in stuff the pros and the cons there's a lot of people out there so on and give you my advice in that a lot to be gone through systems to use and not use again I'm here to save you time I'm here to save you money if you do have any questions please down below I will answer them as best I can and my email is also there if you do need any help or recommendations for anything else I will email you personally back and again I'm trying to be there for people who necessarily wasn't there for me before I've joined the learning plan profits there is an affiliate link below it does offer you $25 discount so if you are doing the course help me help you click the link below it is $25 off so it is a little bit of a money saver right there and that's it guys thanks for watching

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